Kehagias Apartments, taking into account the instructions of the Ministry of Tourism for the implementation of new health protocols in tourist accommodation in the country.
The Protocol includes the development of an Action Plan and that of a Suspected Case Management Plan within the accommodation.
The aim is to prevent the occurrence, and the effective management of suspicious cases, so that we can limit the spread in guests and the staff, following the current guidelines of the National Public Health Organization.

Accommodation archive and Incident reports

For public health protection actions, the accommodation management keeps a record of the staff members and all persons staying at the hotel. (name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details such as an address, telephone, e-mail), to make communication possible with close contacts in the event of a COVID-19 case, which may be identified afterwards.

We pay attention to the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR), and all visitors are aware that we keep the record for public health purposes only.


Reception desk 

The staff takes the necessary hygiene measures (handwashing), keeps a distance of at least one meter from customers (avoidance of handshakes, etc.) and follows the rules of hygiene.

When requested, there is a possibility of:

informing visitors about the policy of the accommodation and the measures it has taken to deal with any incidents providing useful information for health-care providers, public and private hospitals, reference hospitals for COVID-19 and pharmacies in the area and providing of Personal Protective Equipment.

Special equipment (medical kit) for the occurrence of an incident, such as gloves and disposable masks, antiseptics, cleaning wipes, medical apron, long-sleeved medical robe, infrared thermometer.

Personnel can recognize customer symptoms and report them directly to the health official.

There is an antiseptic for the customers in the reception.

Regular disinfection of the reception surfaces.

Proper configuration of the reception, addition of floor marking, at a distance of two meters, where the customer will stand, proper marking of distances in the waiting area, proper arrangement of furniture and proper management of people waiting to be served, in order to reduce waiting time, and maintaining safe distances.

Avoid overcrowding during check-in / check-out, maintaining safe distances.

Credit card deposit in a special box for use by the receptionist. Provide antiseptic for disinfection after use.

Disinfection of key cards

Extending the period between check-in and check-out. Check out until 11:00 am, and check-in from 15:00 pm. During the time between each check-in and check-out between different customers, the room is cleaned, thoroughly disinfected and adequately ventilated naturally.


Floor services (cleaning, disinfection, Housekeeping), rooms and common areas

There are specialized cleaning procedures for all public areas – rooms and especial care for “high risk” items.

We will proceed to a thorough cleaning and ventilate the apartment during the hours between stays.

We have taken care of providing adequate equipment for the staff (gloves, masks, robe, closed shoes)

After the departure, there will be meticulous cleaning – disinfection with a steam cleaner as well as complete removal of decorative objects.

It will be necessary to open doors and windows for natural ventilation of the space daily and the placement of an antiseptic device in public areas.


Public spaces

Securing and limiting overcrowding.

Visitors are not allowed.


Covid-19 Suspected Case Management Plan

If a visitor meets the Covid19 case definition criteria, the following are applied:

The health officer of the hotel communicates directly with NPHO for a statement of the suspected case, and instructions for dealing with it.

It is recommended, in the suspected case, to remain in his/her room with the door closed.

In a patient who has symptoms of a respiratory infection (cough, sneezing, catarrh), a simple surgical mask and tissues are given immediately.

If there is a companion of the patient who wishes to stay close and care for him/her, a simple surgical mask is given and is advised to wash his/her hands every time he/she comes in contact with the patient’s secretions, and certainly before the attendant touches his/her face, or before eating or drinking.

It is advisable to avoid entering the patient’s room if there is no significant reason. If necessary, a member of the hotel staff deals exclusively with the case.

Used protective equipment is discarded in a closed trash bin, and is not reused.

After disposing of the protective equipment, hand washing follows.

The Management ensures that there is adequate consumable material directly available to the hotel staff to prevent infections: soap and water or alcohol-based hand washing solution, tissues, simple surgical masks, disposable gloves, thermometers, bin bags, surface wipes.

Cleaning and disinfecting a patient’s room

A good cleaning of surfaces, often touched by the patient, especially if the surfaces are soiled with biological fluids.

The cleaning staff uses a simple surgical mask, gloves and a disposable waterproof gown.

After removing the gloves, good hand washing follows.

The fabric surfaces are cleaned with a Steam sterilizer (temperature>70°).


If an employee meets the criteria for the Covid-19 case definition, the following applies:

The health officer of the hotel communicates directly with NPHO for a statement of the suspected case and instructions for dealing with it.

It is recommended, for the suspected case, to remain in a specific area with the door of the room closed.

In a patient who has symptoms of a respiratory infection (cough, sneezing, catarrh), a simple surgical mask and tissues are given immediately.

An investigation is being carried out into possible exposure of other employees or customers, and they are being asked to follow the instructions of NPHO.

All surfaces are disinfected with emphasis on the workplace and the equipment that the suspected case used.


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